The most featured fledged and powerful tournament software on the market. The premier way to manage a tournament. Absolutely free!

  • Bracket
  • Twitter Integration
  • Bracket Customization
  • Round Robin Pools
  • Characters
  • Country Flags
  • Team Logos

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  • Complete control and management of your tournament
  • Ideal for gaming, recreational, and sporting events with a robust suite of bracket options
  • Powerful metric calculators to track, manage, and plan your event
  • A full database of all the players or teams that entered the event and detailed results including their placement and complete match history
  • Easy to upload results and image files to show off the event to the world
  • Intuitive station/court manager for tracking and control of your event matches
  • Comprehensive twitter integration. The ability to utilize social media to enhance the interactivity of your tournament