tio tournament organizer

The new standard in tournament production software. tio is a highly advanced application for managing every part of a competetive tournament, from entrant registration and seeding to bracket finalization and payout calculations. tio's major features include:
  • Three bracket types: single elimination, double elimination, and round-robin.
  • An intuitive bracket viewer for easily managing and updating brackets with the mouse or keyboard.
  • Manage money issues with entry fee tracking and customizable award amounts.
  • Integrated station manager for tracking which game stations are in use and where each match is being played.
  • Detailed results for each entrant, including overall placing and complete match history.
  • Power features like multi-monitor support, fast keyboard navigation, advanced seeding methods, and score reporting.
  • Upload results to a network of gaming sites.
  • Much more!
Note that tio requires Microsoft's .NET Platform version 2.0 or greater. Download this package if tio crashes when starting with an error similar to "0xc0000135".


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